Lisa Sparks: On the Issues

Our taxes are too high, gas is outrageously expensive, and a liberal socialist agenda is hurting the economy. A failure of leadership in Washington, D.C. has hurt Orange County residents and we definitely deserve better.

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Lower Taxes

Lower Taxes |
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Create Jobs

Create Jobs |
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Stop Illegal Immigration

Stop Illegal Immigration |
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Take Care of Our Veterans

Take Care of Our Veterans |
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Prioritize Public Safety

Prioritize Public Safety |
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Establish a Strong National Security

Establish a Strong National Security |
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Make Healthcare Accessible

Make Healthcare Accessible |
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Improve Education

Improve Education |
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As my children grew up, I often heard my daughters say,

“if anyone can fix this it’s mom”.
And that’s why I’m running for Congress.

I knew I needed to do something about our failing education system, so I decided to run for public office. I’m running for Congress because Orange County needs a leader who understands our issues, has the courage to stand up to our leaders, and fights for us.

If anyone can help fix the direction of this country, I believe it’s me, and I would be honored to have your support.